How To Save With A Credit Card

Who loves, cares. That old adage can also be applied in your relationship with your credit card. Knowing how to save with a credit card is key to not having unwanted surprises. You can love the doors opened by it. But it takes extra care to prevent it from being used against you. Or rather, against your finances. After all, do not confuse credit with available money.

Before you go out buying what you want and what you do not want that much, it is important to select the right card for you. Thus, you learn to save money by credit card from the time of choosing your shopping companion. As the year is just beginning, it’s worth trying to do your financial planning to save with a credit card and accomplish your goals in the medium and long term.

Choosing your credit card is already one of the things to consider in this planning. Besides making conscious use of the card, there are ways you spend less to have one. Did you know that you can today opt for a free annuity card? Yes, they exist! With some particularities, such as being linked to digital accounts, they may be the best outlet for your pocket.


Credit Cards without annuity

Credit Cards without annuity

In the market, there are credit card options without annuity.

The Nubank credit card is online, integrated into a digital account and has no annual fee and issuance fee. It arrives accompanied by an application in which it is possible to monitor the financial life of its owner, ridding it of the trips to the bank.

It is allowed, for example, to view limits, pay the invoice and even lock and unblock the card. A measure in favor of safety.

Another digital card without annuity is the Neon, which works on the debit and virtual credit function. You do the purchases in Brazil or abroad online and the amount to be paid is charged on time.

A non-annuity, discount-store card? This is Credicard Zero. Even though it is not from a digital bank it brings features that attract as the app to control what you spend and the discounts in stores recognized as ML Credit and FS.

Returning to digital banks, the Original features the Free Gold (MasterCard banner) credit card, which does not charge the first annuity, but does so in the second year.

The SR Free card exempts from annuity who makes purchases from $ 100 per month. Also with MasterCard banner, it has application for control of expenses and program of points.


Let’s save by credit card?

credit card

Using your card in your favor is the goal of this year. To do this, some guidelines must be followed to keep your savings up-to-date.

Pay the invoice in full

To be free of paying high revolving interest, this command is vital, as well as make payment to maturity.

If you are unable to pay the bill in full, the tip is to pay your monthly balance in full. It’s that account: The more you pay, the more savings you’ll have with long-term interest rates.


Have few cards

Have few cards

In fact, have one or two at most plus the option of different payment dates. In addition to centralizing purchases on a single card, which can be worth while when you have a reward program, having few cards is an incentive to buy less (is that not your case?).


Search before choosing the card

choosing the card

This is true not just for the free annuity issue, as discussed above. But also for you to be within the terms of use, avoiding unpleasant surprises.


Avoid using your credit card to cover emergencies

Paying a credit card can seem like the best alternative until you think about how expensive it can be, turning it into a real snowball.


Try reducing the charge charged by the sender.

Avoid using your credit card to cover emergencies

Yes, talk to your manager or card professional to see if you can reduce the fee. When you are a good payer, you can have that opportunity.

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